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About the Show

It's all about SCUBA, and so much more. If you want to dive, learn about diving, or just go to great scuba diving locations, this is the TV show for you. In each season of this well hosted Scuba Diving TV show we will explore Careers in diving, great diving locations, Sea Life, how to be a better scuba diver through conservation and ecology, Marine Biology, Scuba diving equipment gear reviews, and how to be a safe scuba diver so that you can have fun in this exciting sport.

A Message from Michael Sahakian – Host & Executive Producer

“Hi. I want to welcome you to our show. I remember as a teenager, the wonder and excitement I felt when I watched shows like Sea Hunt and the Wonderful World of Jacques Cousteau. I started diving because of shows like these. Each week, I want to bring that same sense of adventure and exploration into your living room. Our goal is to travel the world to explore our ocean planet from world famous Aquariums, California kelp forests, to out of the way tropical islands. I hope you can join us on this adventure.”

Mr. Sahakian has been a diver since 1976 and a dive store owner since 1985. He is a dive master, works with local law enforcement dive and rescue teams, and holds a commercial pilot’s license with an airline transport rating. He is a frequent guest lecturer at local public schools where he talks about conservation, careers in diving, and introduces students to the wonderful world below the surface of our oceans.

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Michael Sahakian – Host/Executive Producer

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